Specifications of a Badminton Racket

The modern-day badminton rackets have significant amount of science and technology built in – all to enhance the game. So much so, that it can get very confusing even for regular badminton players.

So, here Badminton365.in’s badminton experts lay it bare for you – things that you should know about badminton rackets. Read this and you can talk like a PRO when it comes to badminton rackets!

Head Shape

The badminton racket head is typically over or isometric. The shape of the head defines the active areas of the string which offers most power transmission – commonly referred to as Sweet Spot. The larger the sweet spot, the more power the racket can generate. However, larger sweet spot also means loss of control. And, vice versa.

Head Shape Characteristics Ideal for
Round Smaller Sweet Spot Players seeking traditional control and speed combination from the racket
Oval Larger Sweet Spot Advance/Professional seeking more power at the same time minimal loss of control.


The weight determines how the racket feels in your hand, and more importantly, how the racket feels when you swing it. Weight of the badminton racket is measured in grams (g) & can range from 60g to 100g.

As a thumb rule, lighter rackets are more manoeuvrable and preferred by players who generate speed through their swing. Lighter rackets are also considered to be more prone to breakage and hence less durable. Heavier rackets are preferred by players looking to generate more power out of the racket.


Balance is the measure of weight distribution along the length of the racket. Balance of a badminton racket deeply impacts how it plays and feels in the hands.

There are three types of balance distributions used in badminton rackets:

Type of Rackets Description Ideal for Power Control
Head Heavy Heavy on the head side Players with less strength but seeking more power in shots, typically beginners. High Low
Even Balance Equal balance across the head and the shaft Players seeking all round play, typically intermediate to advance level players Medium Medium
Head Light Heavy on the shaft side Players seeking power, typically advance level players Low High

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