Know Your Badminton Racket

Badminton Racket is the most important gear for a Badminton player. Over the years, badminton rackets have evolved significantly with changes in shapes, weight, material and a lot more. The modern-day badminton rackets have significant amount of science and technology built in - all to enhance the game.

Here is a short primer on this wonder called a Badminton Racket from's inhouse Badminton expert.

The Head

This is where the strings are, and it’s where you’ll be hitting the shuttles. Badminton Rackets typically have either rounded head or oval head.

The Strings

The strings are what’s in the center of the head. This is where the shuttle will connect, and then bounce back. The strings can come already in the racket, or sold separately, and you’d be surprised at how much the strings can affect the performance.

The thickness, tension, materials used and wear of the strings can affect power, control, vibration and more.

The Shaft

The shaft is the part that goes from the bottom of the head and down to the very end of the racket’s handle.

The shaft of a badminton racket determines the playability as well as the weight of the racket. Shafts have varying levels of flexibility starting from extremely stiff to extremely flexible.

The Throat

The portion that joins the racket head with shaft is called Throat. Most modern-day badminton rackets are single piece and hence do not have throat – the frame and shaft are seamlessly connected. Entry level rackets are typically 2 piece rackets – the frame and shaft are connection via a throat junction.

The Handle

This is the very bottom, and it’s what you hold whenever you’re playing the game. The handle tends to be the part that is extended whenever a manufacturer wants to make a racket that has more power.

The Grip

This is the coating of the handle. Basically, it’s the cushion that allows you to grip the racket firmly while keeping your hand from any injuries. The grip also connects the handle to the butt.

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